The graduation approach attempts to stimulate development by including a bottom up approach into top down government policy that will encourage steady employment and financial management of the extreme poor. The governance of such an approach is multi-scalar in that it requires NGOs, government and the international development community to gather their resources to ensure the graduation program reaches its potential and is distributed and moderated accordingly. This program has the potential to address each of the post2015 development goals through innovating development that takes the emphasis away from ‘handouts’ and implementing top down approaches and expecting the population to adapt to it and places the power into the hands of the poor, which can lead to unforseen development advancements.  The World Bank released a handbook in 2002 that defined empowerment as an vital component of development, it is suggested that if individual economic assets were distributed to the extreme poor, it would empower them to make choices, gain a sense of freewill, become more productive and the positive effects would slowly trickle down to address most, if not all of the millennium goals (United Nations 2014). It is obvious that the graduate approach draws on the suggestions by the World Bank, there are still hurdles to pass in order to ensure the approach is truly bottom up and will result in empowerment of the poor. The poor need to be provided with basic services, local and national governance must be supportive and good, market development needs to be pro-poor and those involved in development programs must have access to justice and legal aid (Ecosoc 2014).


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